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Atlantik V4
Atlantik V4
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Orphek has already set the standard in the market for its advanced comprehension of color spectrums and its influences on coral physiology and once again is releasing another cutting-edge and groundbreaking technology, by bringing a revolutionary change in the spectrum provided by diodes and supplying its best product developed specifically for the needs of photosynthetic marine invertebrates.

Atlantik V4 combines 14 new types of custom made dual core 5 Watt LEDs in the nanometer range from 380nm to 850nm for maximum photochemical efficiency.

  • 14 new types of custom made dual core LEDs in the nanometer range from 380nm to 850nm.
  • Renders most natural appearance to the tank form 10K to 50K
  • Provides enough RED and IR LEDs needed
  • Contains Full dimming capacity in all channels, 0-100% with progressive dimming.
  • Provides IoT technology & Free apps available (App Store & Google play)
  • Gives the ability to control and program 200+ individual units! (*with Orphek Gateway -- not included)
  • Provides the best: PAR/PUR per watt; Highest Spectrum output; and Highest efficiency power supply
  • New 78 customized high efficiency 5w Dual-Chip power LEDs – total of 156 individual LEDs.
  • New 14 different types of Dual chip wide range LEDs. 380nm UV to 850nm Infra red!
  • First company to introduce the Infra red 850nm
  • New Spectrum for better coral growth, color and health.
  • Four separate control and programming channels.
  • Lens Options: Wide convex for tanks under 40” deep and 60 degree narrow for tanks over 40” deep

YES ! this LEDs are  Infrared 850nm and UV 380nm

**Light of shorter or longer wavelengths doesn’t excite our eyes‘ receptors — so we can’t see anything beyond red (infrared) or violet (ultraviolet) on the electromagnetic spectrum of light. … The cell phone camera is more sensitive to light than human eyes are, so it “sees” the infrared light that is invisible to us

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